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Federated Charities Art Class!

Coronavirus has changed things for a lot of us but we think it’s important to maintain our creative energies, if only because we promised this post in our recent newsletter…and we like to keep our word. If you receive our newsletter, you know that we included a drawing activity and

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Why is Charity Wearing Wellies?

What happens when a dog gets to be 162 years old (1,134 in human years) and his paws start to break down? At Federated Charities, it means calling in a restoration company so that we can repair/restore his foundation. However, before we send him to the veterinary hospital in June,

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“Flowers Are Happy Things”

We were due for an upgrade. and so at the beginning of this year we signed up for the Frederick Garden Tour and forced ourselves to re-think our rear garden. Over the years the rear garden at Federated Charities building has been planted, bricked, and excavated and mined for archaeological

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The Answer is “Yes”

When local artist and business owner, Anthony Owens asks if he can install a mural in your building, the only real answer is “Yes.” Anthony and his crew of artisans have installed 15+ public murals all over Frederick and late last year we took him on a tour of the

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The Heart of Our Dog

On Thursday June 7th, we will host our second annual event, The Art of the Dog at Federated Charities. Our board of directors will welcome you to our renovated rose garden and first floor of our lovely, historic building where you will enjoy beer, wine and soft drinks, eats and

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Happy Birthday Federated Charities!

On March 25, 1911, a group of people in Frederick had an idea to bring together all the charitable aid services in the community so their efforts could be focused, structured and more efficient and so, the idea of Federated Charities was born. For the next 107 years we have

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Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

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