Pay it Forward

Why Does Your Gift Matter?

We put gift tags on a tree every year when we decorate for the holidays because we remember that Federated Charities was a gift to the community where we live. We may have gotten used to our kids attending school from home but we remember some children struggle to have enough food to get through the day. Our offices have started to open up but we know that not everyone feels safe leaving their homes for an appointment so we have to work harder to reach them. And we have enough toilet paper in the building (for the moment) but the thing that’s at the front of our mind is that our clients may have lost their jobs and can’t even afford the basics.

Every day Federated Charities is a social investment in the kinds of organizations who provide medical care, help people find jobs and make sure children maintain healthy relationships…and they do it in normal times and in moments of crisis. When you support our programs, it’s like one of those gift tags is from you…extensions of our mission to provide compassionate community services and strategic support to nonprofits in Frederick. They are part of the ongoing commitment that someone else made by paying it forward for you. 

With our partners, we are a consistent and stable safety net for individuals and families who weren’t able to plan for the kinds of emergencies that all of us face. This year, we are dealing with an unprecedented situation. Our nonprofit partners are trying to balance the need to protect their employees and continue to serve their clients. Organizations like ours have always operated on the slimmest of margins and anticipating large gaps in our budgets and maintaining supply chains is stretching us to the limits. When it’s all back to normal, we will still be providing services. So we need your support…now more than ever.

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Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

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