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2023 Annual Impact Statement

You’ve been along for the ride for at least the last decade and our 2023 annual impact statement is more than just a list of what we did last year, it’s the launch pad for what we plan for the future of our nonprofit center. More resources, more build outs, and more impact on the kinds of organizations that make a difference in your community. Thank you for taking a peek at it!

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In the Know

You might have walked past our building recently and noticed something new (other than the dog missing…again). Federated Charities has partnered with The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick to install one in a series of meditation murals. Envisioned by the artist Karen Pollard and brought to mural form

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How Do You “Board?”

It’s not uncommon for people to join nonprofit boards and then wonder what being on a board really means. We recently asked our board members to share the questions they wish they had asked when they first started serving on our board. As a nonprofit center, part of our programs

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Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

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