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Great Ideas? Call Us.

What if you had a great idea, a group of volunteers who were excited about it and a community in need? Many of us would at least explore the idea of starting a nonprofit and in our “today world” that process has become increasingly easy. But while the application and

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First Community Table Session of 2018 Starts Tonight!

According to The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, healthy eating patterns have been shown in many studies to help people reduce risks of chronic disease throughout their lives. The Community Table Project starts a 3rd year of new sessions tonight in partnership with The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick and The

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Thank You Rotary Club of Carroll Creek!

We were pleased to accept a grant award from the Rotary Club of Carroll Creek this morning in support of the Community Table Project, a joint initiative between Federated Charities, The Housing Authority of the City of Frederick, The Common Market and Pleasant Hill Produce. According to The Dietary Guidelines

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Better Than Westminster…

  It isn’t easy to plan an event sometimes and The “Art” of the Dog wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of several of Frederick’s finest businesses and individuals who supported it. We’re proud to present the sponsors of our upcoming event (you’ve already gotten your tickets, right?) Please take

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The “Art” of the Dog Comes To Town

Frederick loves its dogs and Federated Charities loves its dog, “Charity.” We’re combining the two into a unique event that celebrates our organization’s impact in the community…for more than 100 years. The iron dog that stands on our front porch was cast by the Baltimore stove manufacturer Hayward Bartlett and Company in

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New Development Series

types of grants/developing an evidence-based approach    building a budget/measuring impact finding new funding sources/creating evaluation systems You might get a lot out of a training session that covered any of these areas, right? You might get even more out of it if one session built on the information you

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Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

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