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None of us starts out knowing how to do anything “nonprofit.” It takes practice, dedication and a desire to learn. Once a month, we post our top three resources in a given area of nonprofit practice. These may be an article, a research study, an infographic or almost anything else but they are designed to get you thinking about the areas of the sector you might not be aware of and we think of it as self-guided professional development. Enjoy and if you’d like to talk with one of our technical assistance staff members, please don’t hesitate to reach out to to schedule a conversation. 

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Fundraising in 2024...

Starting a Major Gifts Campaign just sounds hard but this article from Nonprofit Quarterly in 2020 breaks down the steps you and your board can take to hit the ground running and build a major gifts campaign from scratch or refine the one you already have…even if you don’t have a development staff.

Annual Campaign A-Z Did you feel like you were behind the 8-ball this year? Has your organization ever developed an annual campaign? Don’t worry, lots of young nonprofits we talk to haven’t started a campaign either and it’s not as hard as you think. Network for Good put together this handy dandy annual campaign planner that builds backwards from the moment you send an ask…and it helps you identify how your board of directors can help too!

Annual Fundraising Plan Template Honestly, we can’t even remember where we found this template originally but what we like is its overall simplicity because the most important thing you can do anytime you’re planning is to write down where you’re starting and where you hope to be when you’ve reached the end…that way you can track your progress year to year and it seems like a lot but once you get the first one done, you’ll find yourself mostly adding to a strong foundation. 

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