Charity Goes to the Vet – Chapter 1

Our dog, Charity, has to go to the vet this year. Celebrating his 162nd birthday means some major restoration work on his paws. But we know how much everyone is going to miss him so we’re documenting the process for you…check it out!

In July, Fullick Restoration, LLC and Fine Arts Specialists, LLC showed up to remove Charity from his post in front of the Federated Charities building. A handful of observers took pictures and might have shed a tear or two as he drove up Market Street. We know he was in good hands because Ben has moved all kinds of art in the US and abroad, including the Smithsonian’s woolly mammoth (we can’t even imagine what the truck would look like for that project). Charity hasn’t left the front of our building for at least 30 years but we have a plan so you don’t miss him too much. 

You can help with his vet bill by texting CHARITYDOG to 41444

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