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What if you had a great idea, a group of volunteers who were excited about it and a community in need? Many of us would at least explore the idea of starting a nonprofit and in our “today world” that process has become increasingly easy. But while the application and acquisition process can be simple, the real day to day work of an organization can quickly become overwhelming. In my average day, I ask for money, recruit supporters, account for funds, report impact, inspire staff and volunteers and clean toilets…sometimes all at the same time, before I even get to do any of the actual “great idea” stuff and I’ve been practicing for 20+ years. An option for groups has always been to partner with a fiscal sponsor to manage some or all of the administrative overhead and let you focus on the great idea.

A recent series of articles from Nonprofit Quarterly highlights the concept and its role in our industry, “In a time of active experimentation in terms of programs and organizational form, and in a context of some turbulence, the ability to test ideas without setting up formal organizations to hold them becomes increasingly important.” Once you’ve had a chance to read the articles, you’re welcome to come visit Federated Charities and learn about the strategic, backbone support we offer nonprofits in the Frederick community—which include fiscal sponsorship. We make a fantastic cup of coffee and our door is always open to anyone who is mulling over the next great idea.

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Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

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