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Nonprofit organizations serve some of the most vulnerable individuals and families in our communities…and provide services in the worst of times as well as the best of times. COVID-19 and what is happening around us is a painful reminder that we still have lessons to learn about equity, diversity and the human experience.

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Federated Charities is committed to bringing our community together and continuing to support the vital safety net that exists here. We will take care of our organizations and we will stand up to honor those voices who are calling for justice and an end to oppression of our fellow citizens. We believe in caring for our neighbors, protecting our young people and dismantling the systemic sins of our past and present actions or inaction. Our nonprofit partners will continue to move forward with creative programs that elevate each one of us and we are proud to support them.

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COVID-19 Updates

Our nonprofit center is currently closed to outside visitors but our nonprofit partners are still providing vital services in the community. You can check in with each of them here if you need to reach them. We are currently planning how to return our building to a level of public functioning when the stay at home orders are eased and our first priority is to keep the public safe and healthy. We will continue to modify our access and practices as appropriate and in accordance with any guidance issued by the State of Maryland and City of Frederick.

The Lloyd and Charlotte Hoover Charity Incubator, offering free co-work space for nonprofits
The Lloyd and Charlotte Hoover Charity Incubator, offering free co-work space for nonprofits

Together with our nonprofit tenants, we serve thousands of individuals in our community addressing mental health, addiction, medical and legal needs. Alongside our partners, we support the arts, land preservation and advocacy efforts that make life better for all of us. As a nonprofit center, we ensure that the safety net continues to thrive in our community.

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For more than 100 years, we have been a charitable provider who ensures that individuals and families in our community have their basic needs met, receive quality healthcare and educational opportunities, have access to healthy food, get emergency assistance, and benefit from cultural and quality of life programs. In short, our services have been available for all of us in Frederick…even when we didn’t know we needed them.

“Your organization is a blessing to our town. Thank you.” -Kenyon P.

“Federated Charities was here for me when I needed to borrow special equipment for a brief time following surgery. At no charge. Today, I’m here for them.” -Judy D.

“Frederick is lucky to have this gem, and I hope you notice it the next time you drive by.” -Lee F.

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Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

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