Compassionate Community Services

Our roots run deep as a human services agency…

Federated Charities continues to offer direct assistance to individuals and families as part of our commitment to Frederick. Each program is focused on working with other nonprofits to develop fundable and impactful programs of their own, engaging the larger community in charitable work or being part of the safety net that isn’t already covered. Small change leads to big impact through programs like The Mitten Project, Community Table, Power of Change and Rapid Response Emergency Assistance grants.

You help support a safety net every day. Our programs are extensions of our mission to provide compassionate community services and strategic support to nonprofits in Frederick. They are part of the ongoing commitment that caring individuals made to Frederick and to you all those years ago.

About Us

Federated Charities is the only nonprofit center in Frederick and offers affordable, operational space to emerging and established nonprofit organizations.  

Frederick Non Profit - Maryland

Our location

  • 22 South Market St Suite 1, Frederick, MD 21701
  • 301-662-1561