Charity Mitten Project 2017

Charity Mitten Project

need a pair? take a pair

Not everyone in Frederick has a warm bed, food on the table or a roof over their heads. In 2017, we launched The Mitten Project at Federated Charities to help keep their hands warm. Starting on Frosty Friday each year (2019 launch date: November 29th) until New Year’s Day, adult mittens and gloves will be available on our garden fence for anyone who needs a pair. Please take one if you need them…and, if you have an extra pair of gloves, feel free to share them with others.

Frederick is a great place to keep warm together.

Happy Holidays from Federated Charities!

P.S. Mitten collection starts anytime you drop off a pair at 22 South Market Street, Suite 2B…let us know if you’d like a collection box for your workplace!

have a pair? give a pair.

Help others without any reason and give without the expectation of receiving anything in return

-Roy T. Bennett

Charity Mitten Project - frederick md

Our front fence will have adult mittens and gloves on display in 2019 from Frosty Friday (November 29th) through New Year’s Day. If your hands are cold and you need a pair of gloves, take a pair…if you would like to give a pair away, leave a pair on the fence.

Check out what the FNP said about the project here!

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The Mitten Project is one of Federated Charities’ compassionate community service programs, like our Community Table project or our Emergency Assistance grants. It is a perfect way for you to give back to the city you love at the holidays! Our mission is to engage the community in the work done by nonprofits in Frederick. We use our building to support the kind of work that makes life better for individuals and families. Our nonprofit center offers local organizations access to shared resources and reduced overhead costs so they can focus on their missions.

Charitymittens - Frederick Charity Projects - Maryland

Feel free to attach a gift tag to your pair of gloves directly on the Market Street fence (and if you have hats or scarves to donate, please drop them off inside the building). After the new year, any mittens remaining are donated to local community organizations. Since starting the project in 2017, more than 600 pairs of mittens and gloves have been given away (plus a bunch of hats, scarves and jackets).

That’s a lot of warm hands.

Donate to The Mitten Project

Federated Charities based in Frederick Maryland

If you’d like to leave a pair of mittens or gloves, come visit us and hang them on our holiday garland on the garden fence!

We are located in downtown Frederick, MD at 22 South Market Street, Suite 1.

For more information about the programs and services offered by Federated Charities, visit our website.

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