Everything is different this year…

even The ART of the Dog at Federated Charities.

Join us for our virtual event on May 21, 2020

You walk past our building in Frederick and see a statue of a dog on our front steps but…

you may not know everything that happens behind our doors. 

The ART of the Dog is your opportunity to understand the impact of Federated Charities in our community.

maybe not
this different!


We are as tired as you are of using the words “unprecedented” and “pivot” but that’s what we’ve done with The ART of the Dog in 2020 because we can’t welcome you to our building for our annual celebration…and we miss you. We are going virtual this year and hope that we haven’t lost any of the spirit of the event because that means that the pandemic wins. 

You can still join us to meet our nonprofit tenant partners, tour our historic and quirky building and even laugh a little as we pull back the curtain and share our unique view of Federated Charities with you. We promise not to take up any more time than it takes you to watch a sitcom (without commercials), while you relax from the comfort of home. 

It’s going to be really fun (or a complete disaster) and we hope you’ll tune in either way!

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As a nonprofit center, Federated Charities supports 16 local charitable organizations who provide services ranging from health and dental care, job development, land and cultural preservation and legal assistance. Our tenants see thousands of Frederick residents every single year, often at a time when they are experiencing the worst days of their lives. We are proud to be a safety net for individuals and families and for the organizations that serve them.

The ART of the Dog is where human services, the quirky elements of our historic building and the art we’ve collected all come together to celebrate our dog “Charity” who stands guard over Frederick and has done so for more than 150 years.

Every other year, as our guests, you walk our version of a red carpet, take a photo with Charity and we invite you to step behind our brick façade and experience what our nonprofit partners experience every day…knowing that we have their backs and that we will make sure the lights stay on for them to do their work in the community.

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Why us

We help the community
and our tenant-partners.

Ever wonder how a dog like Charity sees our building? We wondered too and invited some of our dog friends in for their own private tours. We will be featuring some of those tours at The ART of the Dog this year and since you normally only get to see the first floor, we’re going to visit portions of every floor so you can get a sense of what we offer in the heart of downtown to our nonprofit tenants.

We are grateful to be able to continue to serve Frederick during this time. Our partners have gotten pretty creative over the past few weeks in order to meet the needs of their own clients and we have invested in the additional technology they need as we’ve all adjusted to the new “normal.” We are making building and safety upgrades to plan for the day when we welcome visitors regularly back into our building and we are supporting the professional development of board members and staff to move their organizations forward. We know that our work spaces are going to be changing and we want to be flexible in changing with them. On a personal note, we have also stocked up on toilet paper and hand sanitizer…because we all know how important those are!

The ART of the Dog has always been about sharing the history of our building, introducing you to our services in the community and encouraging you to get to know some of the people who make it all happen. 2020 is no different…but we have built in a little bit more mayhem (and a children’s coloring contest…because, why not?)

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Children’s Coloring Contest Details and Entry

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