The Answer is “Yes”

When local artist and business owner, Anthony Owens asks if he can install a mural in your building, the only real answer is “Yes.” Anthony and his crew of artisans have installed 15+ public murals all over Frederick and late last year we took him on a tour of the Federated Charities building and we became the lucky recipient of one of his pieces. We are scheduled to re-dedicate the Ramona Remsburg Wing and unveil the mural on Tuesday June 5th to kick off our week to celebrate The Art of the Dog.

2017, courtesy Jason Turner

People ask us all the time if we provide services for dogs because we have chosen to highlight our iconic dog image…and the answer is no…but the iconic dog image that graces our front portico is a symbol for us of the work that goes on behind our doors. Our 14 nonprofit tenant-partners benefit from our low and reduced cost space that allows them to put more of their own resources toward mission-based human services. The solid, iron dog statue on the front steps that has stood there for years is a part of that foundation of programming that we have offered in Frederick since 1911 so we embrace the image…and sometimes the confusion that goes along with it.

The mural, built and installed by Anthony Owens, Kathryn Hale, Tony “Ghost Dog” Woods and Stephen Parnes is made up of 3, 6×2 foot panels arranged as a triptych and is a combination of paint and mosaic tiles. In addition to our dog, it also features several recognizable Frederick elements, such as a Frederick key, the spires skyline and Baker Park. Mr. Owens has installed interior and exterior murals at a variety of locations, including the Housing Authority of the City of Frederick, Heartly House, The Boys and Girls Club. Each project brings together local artists to work on each piece as a collaborative effort.

The vision of Federated Charities is to create collaborative partnerships among agencies by sharing backbone infrastructure and so the creation of this public art piece fits right into our vision. Our public space inside the building is passed by countless people every day who need something from one of our nonprofit partners and we want to be able to offer them beautiful space. The German artist Gerhard Richter said, “Art is the highest form of hope,” and our partnerships in the community provide hope and services and opportunity to individuals and families every day.

The mural unveiling is open to the public but does require an RSVP. Please contact us at if you would like to attend.

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